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旅フォトグラファー 三田崇博(さんだたかひろ)  オフィシャルページ


モシ・オ・トゥニャ /ヴィクトリアの滝(ザンビア・ジンバブエ)



This waterfall, which is counted as one of the “Three Great Waterfalls in the World,” is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Named Victorian Falls by British explorer Livingston in 1855, it is called “Moshi o Tunja” in local language.


Located at the border of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Republic of Zambia, it is a large waterfall with a width of 2 kilometers and a height of 108 meters. The river is dotted with islets covered with trees, the number of which increases as you approach the waterfall. Normally, there are no mountains, cliffs, or valleys that would form a waterfall, and the plains spread for hundreds of kilometers around the waterfall.


The sight I saw when I approached the bridge on the border with Zimbabwe was impressive. A waterfall can be seen in the distance, and a large rainbow appears below my eyes. I could see that the rainbow was round, and I could see the sub-rainbow clearly.


Cross a small bridge and cross the island right next to the waterhole. Stormy splashes pouring in front of the bridge.

日が沈んだのち、年に数日しか見られないという月光に照らしだされた虹が7時すぎに現れた。それはまるで人工的なイルミネーションではないかと思うほど、くっきりと見ることができた 。

After the sun went down, it was illuminated by the moonlight that only a few days a year could be seen a rainbow appear after 7 o’clock. I could see it so clear that I thought it was artificial illumination.


Trees and flowers are in full bloom in the surrounding area due to the Water splash of the waterfall.


World Heritage Information

登録区分 自然遺産

登録基準 7,8

登録年 1989年

Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls

Registration category Natural heritage

Registration criteria 7,8 Registration year 1989




From Japan, it is common to travel to Livingstone in Zambia via Johannesburg in South Africa.You can take a shared bus from the town of Livingston to the waterfall, but It’s a good time to charter a taxi because you don’t know the time to return, so it is recommended to charter a taxi.


How to shoot


The camera gets wet anyway in the rainy season, so a waterproof or drip-proof camera is desirable. If you want to shootof  Luna Rainbow that appears in the full moon,the best day is the full moon in April or May. It will be a long shooting, so take a solid tripod.

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