Cape Botanical Area Protected Areas (South Africa)


One of the six botanical worlds in the world and is a very important hotspot where 20% of African plants are concentrated and 69% of the 9,000 plants are endemic.


Starting from the inland town of Clanwilliam, about 230 km north of Cape Town, to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape on the south coast, cape town and cape peninsula as well as the Boland Mountains, the De Hope Nature Reserve and the Swartberg Mountains. A total eight places are registered as World Heritage Sites as Cape Plant Reserves, and which are said to be the most plant-rich area in the world.


The Cape Point Nature Reserve stretches over 7,750 hectares of rich and diverse flora along a 40km coastline that stretching from Schuster Bay in the west to Smithswinkel Bay in the east. I decided to rent a bicycle from Simon’s Town, the southernmost town where I can go by public transportation, and aim for Cape of Good Hope. The distance is 26km, but there’s also an ups and downs on the way and the wind is strong So,can’t get the distance as expected.


Although it was in such a condition, I was slowly and slowly and surely approaching the southernmost tip of the African continent. It’s more beautiful if you come in the spring season when the flowers are in full bloom, so I’d like to visit if I have a chance.


It took about two and a half hours to reach to the cape of Good Hope, but no one else came by bicycle. There was still going to be time,so I pedaled again towards Cape Point, the real southernmost point. I stopped at a beautiful beach on the way, struggled to make our last climb and managed to reach that point, it was already around almost 4 o’clock.


登録区分 自然遺産

登録基準 9,10

登録年 2004年

World Heritage Information

Cape Floral Region Protected Areas

Registration category Natural heritage

Registration criteria 9,10 Year of registration 2004




From Japan, it is common to go to Cape Town via Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. There are many tours from Cape Town. It is also possible to rent a car by yourself, and it is easy to drive because it is the same left side as Japan. Bicycles are not recommended due to strong headwinds and ups and downs.



How to shoot

It’s a good idea to go according to the spring season (the season is opposite to Japan) from September to November when various flowers are in full bloom. Also, Sometimes there are ostrich and penguins colonies, so it is convenient to have a telephoto lens. It’s hot during the daytime so don’t forget to rehydrate.