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旅フォトグラファー 三田崇博(さんだたかひろ)  オフィシャルページ




Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve (Madagascar)


Tsingy means  “pointed” in Malagasy and is thought to have been formed by erosion of the limestone karst plateau over tens of thousands of years.


Bemalaha National Park is a nature conservation site in the western part of Madagascar and Protected area for the purpose of landscape protection.Countless spire is spreading like a pincushion that has been eroded over tens of thousands of years.

見どころは大 ツィンギーと小 ツィンギーがあり、大 ツィンギ ーは町から車で1時間の場所にありすべて周ると6時間ほどかかる。 途中にはザイルを使って登る場所や洞窟などもあり、かなり冒険気分を味わうことができた。

The highlights are the large Tsingy and small Tsingy, which is an hour’s drive from the town and takes about 6 hours to go around. There were places to climb using Zile and caves along the way, so I was able to feel a lot of adventure.


The caves are not maintained at all, and there are holes that can never be passed by a slightly fat person.


The savannah around Tsingy is home to more than 90 species of birds,reptiles, lemurs and many other unique animals  and I was able to encounter Verreaux’s sifaka twice.

6時間のトレッキングを終えて町に帰り、まだ時間があったので公園入り口まで送ってもらって一人で小 ツィンギーを見に行った。大ツィンギ ーを見たあとだとこじんまりとしていて庭園を散策しているようだった。

After 6 hours of trekking, I returned to the town, and had time yet, So I had him sent me to the park entrance and went to see the small Tingy alone. After seeing the big Tsingy, it seemed to be small and strolling in the garden.


登録区分 自然遺産

登録基準 7,10

登録年 1990年

World heritage information

Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve

Registration category  Natural heritage

Registration criteria  7,10

Registration year  1990




It is common to go to Madagascar via Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. From there, take a domestic flight or taxi Bruce (shared taxi) to the move to starting town of Morondava. The road from Murundava to the reserve is very bad road and it takes about 8 hours by 4WD car.



How to shoot

Large twingies use ropes and go through narrow caves, so it is advisable to keep your luggage  light clothing as much as possible. We recommend a zoom lens that allows you to take a single shot from wide-angle to telephoto. On the way back and forth, you can also take a picture of the famous baobab tree-lined avenue.

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